Meat aka Carsten Schuchmann founded the well known Freebase Recordshop in Frankfurt/ Germany at the beginning of the nineties….

He started very early as a party promoter which he’s still doing today with Freebase-Tours in Europe and many other events at Robert Johnson or his “See Us There“ Festival in Offenbach.

Meat’s career as a producer began, like Einzelkind and Reboot, on the well known labels like Get Physical, Klang, Kindisch, murmur & La Peña.In 2009.

Meat & Chris Wood started their collaboration -they are now best friends, studio partners and rave brothers!Together they have released on labels like Desolat, Moon Harbour, Pressure Traxx, Upon You and Tiefschwarz’s Souvenir Label.2017

Chris Wood and Meat moved to the studio of Christian Burkhardt. This new partnership has resulted in the first release for the trio on Jamie Jones’s label “Hot Trax” called “Closer 2 U”.Chris Wood & Meat still continue to be a well known DJ team playing in clubs around the world along side the big playersin the DJ business.Meat the Beat!!!