sea of greenの主催者でDJ/producer。大阪四ツ橋にあったCLUB FLATtでキャリアスタート。
自身の作品を12インチV.Aで1枚、Wednesday Campanelaのremxiesブート版10インチを1枚、またCHRIS COCO監修のMIX CDなどもsea of green recordsからリリースさせている。
2023年にはchill mountain recのGroundをフューチャリングしたトラックやEDEN BURNSをリミキサーに迎えた楽曲を含む3作品をsea of green recordsのBANDCAMPページでリリースしている。
DJはdeep house。リリース音源やdj mixはリンクのsoundcloudから視聴できます

Organizer and DJ/producer of sea of green, he started his career at CLUB FLATt in Yotsubashi, Osaka.
He has released one 12″ V.A. of his own work, a 10″ boot version of Wednesday Campanela’s remxies, and a mix CD supervised by CHRIS COCO from sea of green records.
In 2023, he has released three tracks on the BANDCAMP page of sea of green records, including a track featuring Ground of chill mountain rec and a track with EDEN BURNS as a remixer.
He DJs deep house, and his releases and dj mixes can be found on soundcloud at the link below.

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