Looking at the intersections between South American and African ethnology, the global culture shock and Electronic music, Kurup is always seeking for psychic and
dramatic rhythms. Either through slow motion story-telling mixtapes or high tempo club tracks, this project is a manifestation of the infinite groove that exists within.

Hailing from Brazil’s vast Cerrado region and now based in Lisbon, Portugal, K u r u compositions sounds like a parade of fantastic creatures creeping across the forest floor:
inexorable, mysterious, strangely alive. The Cerrado is home to the most biologically diverse
tropical savannah in the world, and Kurup’s music reflects a sense of being surrounded by a
living, breathing landscape. He builds his songs out of earthy kicks, complex poly-rhythmic
percussions and funky melodies that slice through a canopy of atmospheric delays evoking an environment of a hot multi-colored jungle.

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