ドイツのフランクフルトを拠点にPressure Traxx / La Pena Recordsを主宰するEinzelkind。世界中のコアな音楽ファンから多く支持され、またアンダーグラウンドなDJであれば誰もが憧れるフランクフルトの隣町、オッフェンバッハに位置する老舗クラブ、Robert JohnsonでレジデントDJを務める。20年以上のキャリアを持つEinzelkindは熟練された確かなDJスキルを持ち合わせ、その功績はSonarやADEなどの海外大型フェスティバルでもよく名前をみかけるほどだ。

トラック制作でも数々の作品を世に送り出し、イギリスのアンダーグラウンドシーンを担うFuse Londonのブランチレーベル『Infuse』よりDIRTDRIVE EPをリリースする等、ドイツ国内を超え多くのミュージックファンにを認められてれる。 盟友であるFrost、Christian Burkhardtと共に運営するレーベル『Pressure Traxx』の活動もまた目まぐるしく、2014年秋にはこの手の音楽を好きであれば誰もが知っているRicardo VillalobosのソロEPもリリースされた。また、ハウス名義のLa Penaとしても活動し、同名のレーベル運営も手がける

Arno fka Einzelkind has been putting his name to top class house and techno for over a decade now. The owner of a number of well-respected contemporary labels including Pressure Traxx as well as the similarly revered La Peña and Harlo imprints, he is now firmly recognised as one of electronic music’s most exciting and consistent musicians.

Arno’s passion and love for music has resulted in a host of well-regarded collaborations, with Ricardo Villalobos, Giuliano Lomonte, Markus Fix and Dana Ruh among those he’s shared a studio with. A prolific producer, he has also released music under a range of different aliases, the most recent of which is Implosive Inc, a project formed in conjunction with fellow producers Robin Scholz and Marcel Storandt, which is indicative of his dedication to classic-sounding house sounds. Another collaboration of note is Hot City Orchestra, a shared project between Arno and long-time studio friend, Simon Birkenfeld.

Founded in conjunction with Frost in 2012, the aforementioned Pressure Traxx has quickly earned a reputation for its unconventional and striking approach to house and techno, all the while maintaining an aesthetic that’s part old-school, part minimal and always cutting-edge. Revolving around a musical philosophy that never follows trends or formulas, it has become one of the scene’s foremost imprints courtesy of a string of high-class releases and stunning aesthetics. Arno’s output aside, the label has also featured music from a diverse array of astutely chosen musicians, with Ricardo Villalobos, Barac, Nail and Vinyl Speed Adjust among those who released on the label.

As a DJ, Arno has left his mark on some of the globe’s foremost dancefloors, including Offenbach’s Robert Johnson (where he’s been a resident for the past decade), Tokyo’s Vent, Goa Club in Rome, fabric in London and Amnesia in Ibiza. Closer to home, he is also a regular at Berlin’s clubs such as Club der Visionäre and Hoppetosse.